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Boost neck size & enhance neck strength
Target multiple muscle groups
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Weight: 0.2kg

Material: high-quality scuba fabrics and nylon materials

Adjustable: The Neck Weight Lifting Harness can be adjusted according to your own head size, providing your head and neck with maximum comfort.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Don't like how it works? Simply return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

Why Choose NeckPower Pro

Boost Your Neck Strength

Achieve unmatched neck and upper spine strength with the assistance of our NeckPower Pro, designed to specifically engage neck muscles for a solid and firm posture.

Strengthen Neck Muscles

Revolutionize your neck strength with the muscle-boosting capabilities of the NeckPower Pro, fortifying your neck for superior strength and stability.


Enhance your workout routine anywhere with the compact and portable NeckPower Pro, your on-the-go solution for strength training.

Cervical Spine Health

Improve cervical steadiness and neck flexibility, fostering overall health and facilitating effective neck strength training.

Improve Posture & Control

Improve control by developing robust neck strength for enhanced stability and minimized risk of injury.

Neck Endurance & Well-being

Boost stamina and promote neck health with focused and dedicated neck strength exercises using the NeckPower Pro. 


Unlock Your Neck Power

Achieve the formidable neck strength you've always desired by amplifying your workouts with the demanding exercises from the NeckPower Pro. Say goodbye to weak posture and welcome a life-altering and robust neck strength that enhances your overall upper body stability.


Neck Strength Revolution

Unlock your utmost potential by engaging not only your neck muscles but also your upper back and shoulders for a comprehensive upper body workout. Prepare to revolutionize your neck strength and posture with the NeckPower Pro.


Real Results, From Real Users

Join the community of fitness enthusiasts who have transformed their neck strength and overall upper body stability. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced exercise enthusiast, the compact and portable NeckPower Pro provides a challenging and effective workout that yields noticeable improvements.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee