Adjustable Kettlebells - 18kg (40lbs)

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18kg (40lbs) Kettlebell with a base of 5.4kg(12lbs) and with six 2.1kg (4.6lbs) increments, making it a 7-in-1 product.

Kettlebells are a great way to lose weight, increase muscle tone, and add variety to any exercise routine. Given the range of motion covered by each kettlebell exercise, you also accomplish a lot in a brief period; this allows you to power through workouts quicker than you would be using conventional weights.

             How adjustable kettlebells work


     Benefits of Using Kettlebells in Your Workouts

    • Full-Body Conditioning: Using a kettlebell gives you both cardiovascular and resistance training benefits, improving muscle tone and increasing metabolism at the same time.
    • Variety of Movements: When you use a kettlebell, there are a lot of traditional and non-traditional moves you can do, keeping you engaged mentally and physically. From kettlebell swings and squats, to windmills and traditional lateral pulls, there are endless ways to mix up your kettlebell routine.
    • Engages Your Core: Unlike traditional dumbbells, kettlebells are not centrally balanced, meaning a kettlebell workout will also help you build core strength. Using your core also strengthens back muscles, improving range of motion and flexibility.
    • Affordability and Space Savings: Since these kettlebells are capable to be adjusted they take up less space than a full kettlebell set, and MUCH less space than a conventional dumbbell and barbell set. They’re also much more affordable than the latter.  



    ✓ Kettlebell Swing
    ✓ Sumo Squat
    ✓ Single-Arm Kettlebell Row
    ✓ Kettlebell Triceps Extension
    ✓ Kettlebell Windmill
    ✓ Kettlebell Reverse Lunge
    ✓ Figure of Eight


    ✓ Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing
     Kettlebell Squeeze
     Kettlebell Goblet Squat
     Kettlebell Russian Twist
     Single-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press
     Kettlebell Incline Flye
     Turkish Get-Up
     Plank Drag



     Reverse Lunge w/ Single-Arm Overhead Press
     Farmer’s Walk
    ✓ Kettlebell Press-Up w/ Row
    ✓ Kettlebell Clean & Press
    ✓ Single-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squat
    ✓ Angel Press


     Full Kettlebell Workout | APE BORN

    Pros and Cons of Adjustable Kettlebells


      Convenient Transportation  - easy to transport, makes it possible to workout on

    ✓ Easy to Store - very compact and convenient, doesn't take up much space 

     Affordable Pricing - Save money on buying multiple kettlebells

    ✓ 7-in-1 Product - single product supports progression to heavier weights as u get stronger 

    Ideal for Both Men & Women - the available weight increments make it a perfect product for both genders

    ✓ Perfect for Personal Trainers - enables you to offer greater training personalization for clients


    ❌ Distractions During Workouts - moving parts could be distracting during workouts 


     Shipping Times

    Australia/New Zealand: 15-35 Days

    Rest of the World: 30-45 Days

    Note: Due to COVID-19 there might be slight delays.