Smart Body BMI Scale - Infinite Tet2™

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80% of people fail to maintain their health goals. The Smart Body BMI Scale - Infinite Tet2™ is a simple and effective solution to stay motivated. Measure, track, and trend your body vitals over time with 12 Health Measurements at the comfort of your fingertips.

Smart Body BMI Scale - Infinite Tet2™

Accurate Results You Can Count On

 ✓ Reach Fitness Goals 8x Faster

✓ Understand different body metrics that can be improved on

✓ See progress being made beyond simply weight being lost

✓ Measure 12 different vital body health metrics

✓ +/- 3% as accurate as a medical DEXA (x-ray) body fat percentage scan

✓ The most accurate body composition scale in its class

Weigh Smarter with 12 Health Measurements

 Fat Mass — Get a clearer picture of your overall health.

 Muscle Mass — Understand if you're losing fat, gaining strength, or both.

 Bone Mass — Discover your body's foundational composition.

 Weight — Accurate to +/- 300grams

 Hydration — Maintain optimal levels of hydration every day.

Made for All Body Types

Other smart scales fail to adjust their readings according to the user’s body type, but not Infinite Tet2™. 
Athlete Mode for active users
Smart algorithm adjustments based on individual habits
Accurate, body-type specific reporting

More Motivation Than Ever Before

Most goals fail because they’re too hard to stick to. FitTrack empowers you with more information so that you can cultivate a greater understanding of your body

 Personalized insights
 Easy-to-read charts
 Daily, weekly, monthly tracking
 Stay motivated as you monitor your progress


*Syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and many more! 

Family Friendly

New parents can now activate Infant Mode!

watch your little ones grow and monitor their health as they get bigger
Family-friendly, recognizing Up to 8 users automatically
Keep the whole family healthy together!

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30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company mission is to be a part of your health journey. This will not happen if you are left unsatisfied. 

✓ Not satisfied? We will give you a full refund!

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