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Maintaining proper posture throughout the day is the key to preventing injuries, reducing neck & back strain, as well as reducing headaches.

 Easily improve your body alignment by standing & sitting with perfect posture.

 Align your shoulders, spine, and upper back.

✓ Easily adjustable double lash, to fit your body just right. 

✓ A padded lightweight neoprene corrector can be worn comfortably under or over the clothing, without causing any discomfort. 

✓ Eliminate neck and back discomfort from sitting with rounded shoulders.

✓ Nearly invisible when worn under clothing.






Size Chart

S: Chest size: 46 - 68 cm / 18 - 26 inch (weight: 20-40KG) 

M: Chest size: 68 - 91 cm / 27 - 36 inch (weight: 40-60KG)

L: Chest size: 91 - 119 cm / 36 - 47 inch (weight: 60-90KG)

XL: Chest size: 119 - 150 cm / 47 - 59 inch (weight: 90-100KG+)

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our company mission is to be a part of your health journey. This will not happen if you are left unsatisfied. 

✓ Not satisfied? We will give you a full refund!

✓ Any problems? We will send you a replacement free of charge!


Shipping Times 

United States/Canada: 6-10 Business Days

Australia/New Zealand: 6-10  Business Days

Rest of the World: 7-12 Business Days


Note: Due to COVID-19 there might be slight delays.