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  Increases the flexibility

  relieves pressure on the lower back.

  The belt is held in place by a breathable nylon mesh wrap with an adjustable hook and loop front fastening

  ✓ Designed for industrial and/or personal use.

  Ideal for mild low back pain, strains, or sprains.


   This back support brace is the most suitable due to its unique double pull design while retaining a non-bulky or heavy feel.

   The inner wrap is of neoprene which ensures comfort, heat retention, and great support with a non-stretchable back piece.

   On top of that are two criss-cross stretchable and sleek straps that press the neoprene fabric further to the body for better support.

    Back conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, muscle spasms, and pains associated with back conditions like herniated disc are effectively alleviated by this very effective double support mechanism. 




Material: Polyester, Spandex, Neoprene

Size:  ( Length*Width(cm/inch))

    S: 90cm*22cm / 35.4inch*8.66inch  ;  Waist: 60-83cm / 23.6-32.6inch

   M: 100cm*22cm / 39.4inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 77-93cm / 30.3-36.6inch

    L: 110cm*22cm / 43.3inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 90-103cm / 35.4-40.5inch

  XL: 120cm*22cm / 47.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 100-113cm / 39.3-44.4inch

XXL: 130cm*22cm / 51.2inch * 8.66inch ;  Waist: 110-123cm / 43.3-48.4inch

3XL: 140cm*22cm / 55.1inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 120-133cm / 47.2-52.3inch

4XL: 150cm*22cm / 59inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 130-143cm / 51.1-56.2inch

5XL: 160cm*22cm / 62.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 140-153cm / 55.1-60.2inch

6XL: 170cm*22cm / 66.9inch*8.66inch ;  Waist: 150-163cm / 59-64.1inch


30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Our company mission is to be a part of your health journey. This will not happen if you are left unsatisfied. 

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