NextGen Ultra Muscle Stimulator 2X Bundle

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Ignite Your Workout:   60 Minutes of Sit Ups from just a 20 Minute Session

Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) vs Traditional Exercise:

The NextGen Ultra Stimulator employs Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to mimic natural muscle contractions. By transmitting impulses from the gel pads to your muscle groups, you'll experience substantial improvements in just weeks!


✓ 12 Modes — Choose from Fat Burning (1-2), Muscle Growth (3-4), or Body Shaping (5-6), (7-8) Muscle Optimization, (10-12) Muscle Solidification.
✓ 19 Intensity Levels — Opt for Rehabilitation & Recovery (low), Endurance & Hypertrophy (medium), or Strength & Explosiveness (high).
✓ Ergonomic Pad Design — Premium quality PU gels wrap your muscles comfortably, facilitating enjoyable workout sessions.

NextGen Ultra Stimulator vs Others:

✓ Explosiveness — Enhance explosive strength, maximum effort strength, and hypertrophy.
✓ Endurance — Increase your VO2 max. endurance and optimize oxygen consumption.
✓ Recovery — Stimulate muscular blood flow, optimize blood lactate breakdown, and enhance perceived rest.
✓ Rehabilitation — Activate muscles faster than with traditional exercise by stimulating nerve endings.
✓ Optimized Nervous System — Stimulate and activate your nervous system at both spinal and cortical levels.

Real Results:
Industry-leading NMES scientist Dr. Andre Filipovic, Ph.D., conducted 89 studies on muscle stimulators, revealing significant improvements after 3-6 weeks of stimulation. These include:

✓ Maximal Strength — Isometric Fmax +58.8%; dynamic Fmax +79.5%
✓ Speed Strength — Eccentric isokinetic Mmax +37.1%; concentric isokinetic Mmax +41.3%; rate of force development +74%; force impulse +29%; vmax +19%
✓ Power — A whopping +67% increase!
✓ Vertical Jump — Height increase by up to +25%
✓ Sprint Times — Even trained and elite athletes experienced speed time improvements of -4.8%.

Secret of the Pros:
✓ Initially used by NASA astronauts, military special forces, and the US Olympic team.
✓ Neuro-Muscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) training has been utilized by top athletes around the globe, including Usain Bolt, Lindsey Vonn, and Mike Tyson.
✓ NMES allows you to protect your joints while stimulating the muscles at a higher level than traditional exercise.

Additional Information:
The NextGen Ultra Stimulator uses high-quality PU gel to transmit impulses to the targeted muscle. Gel pads are an easily-replaceable product, ensuring the device sticks comfortably to your skin. Pad lifetime can vary depending on hair density and usage frequency, but on average, they last 1-2 months.

*Please do not use the device while driving or operating heavy machinery*
*If the muscle hasn't been active for 6 weeks, ease into usage*

Shipping Times:
- United States: 10-15 Days
- Canada: 10-18 Days
- Europe: 10-15 Days
- Australia/New Zealand: 7-13 Days
- Rest of the World: 7-20 Days

*Note: COVID-19 may cause slight delays.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee:
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