COVID-19 Response

How is Ape Born Fitness Responding to the Current Conditions of COVID-19?

2020 has been one wild year and we are here to make sure we take the necessary precautions and follow strict guidelines for our customers safety and overall well being. While we are seeing the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic in our communities, business and throughout the world, here at Ape Born Fitness we are doing our part to keep our customers safe and informed.

We are in direct and constant communication with our fulfillment facilities in regard to the safety measures being taken as well as daily updates to shipping expectations. Our fulfillment centre is keeping the Ape Born team updated on safety precautions which include routinely sanitizing all items, limiting the number of employees in a facility at one time, and making sure employees keep their hand's sanitized and masks are worn at all times.

We are seeing some delays in orders being shipped due to safety protocols within the fulfillment centres, which we completely understand. and hope you do as well :). We are actively monitoring these delays and are making sure that we directly communicate that to you through email updates and site page updates.

You can contact our customer service team at any time if you would like updates on your order, tracking information, or order adjustments. We are here for you!

A Letter from our Founder to You and Your Loved Ones

Hi, my name is Michael - proud founder of Ape Born Fitness! First off, thank you for even taking your time to visit our site and taking an interest in our brand and products. I know how valuable your time is nowadays. Life is definitely throwing a lot of curve balls at us in 2020, but here at Ape Born Fitness we are committed to ensuring you can count on our team to keep up with all of your needs even in the current conditions of the world. As an internet based business, we are extremely fortunate to be able to have the entire team work safely from home during this so that we can continue to provide you an exceptional shopping experience :).

Despite the uncertainty in the world right now, we can guarantee to strive to give you the best quality products and support. Life is already a lot itself and that is exactly why our shop and products exist - to make your life more easy, innovative, and advanced. You, our customers, is why we do what we do here so I thank you for your support, and hope you truly enjoy the Ape Born experience! From our family to yours - stay safe, stay healthy, stay motivated. 


- The Ape Born Team

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