9-in-1 Ultimate Push Up Board

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Push-ups are much more than just an upper body exercise. They work the pecs, deltoids and triceps while strengthening the muscles of the core. On top of improved upper body definition push-ups build muscular endurance and create lean muscle mass that improves overall fitness and good health. 

With The Ultra Push you'll hold perfect form, comfortably perform the exercise & get mind-blowing, noticeable results!


When it comes to push ups, a simple change in hand placement provides you with a different target muscle and level of difficulty... Now you can work out smarter and maximize your results!

getting ready to use the pushup board

Save Time and Money!

In less than 30 minutes a day with this push-up board, you can develop muscles, build strength, burn calories, and lose weight. Imagine being able to perform a killer full-body workout in the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes! Right now it's taking you that much time to drive to and from your overpriced gym! No excuses, you'll be able to find time for your health.

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Colour Coded Muscle Groups

When it comes to push-ups, a simple change in hand placement provides you with a different target muscle and level of difficulty... Now you can work out smarter and maximize your results! 

pushup kit - best push up workout
Red = Shoulders
Green = Triceps 
Blue = Chest 
Yellow = Back (Stabilizing)

Just plug the handles to the desired position & get the arms, chest, back & shoulders you've always dreamed of.


Why The Ultimate Push-Up Board?

Push-ups are great, but why bother getting a board to do push-ups on? 

✓ Improve Quality of Each Rep - Quality reps produces quality muscle, which is muscle tissue that is: 

  • Stronger
  • Thicker
  • Denser
  • Quicker 
  • Able to Handle More Strain (Endurance)
  • Less susceptible to injury 

    ✓ Perfect Form - A bad form can definitely injure you. The Pushup Board ensures that your arms, wrist, and shoulders are in perfect form. This injury and gives you the best results faster.

    ✓ Comfortable - Enhanced comfort hand grips and Soft Cushioning. No blisters or irritation even with intense workouts.

    ✓ Builds Fundamentals for functional training - This is training that helps you perform activities in everyday life (strength & stability) more easily.

    ✓ Helps Focus Your Control  - This helps with mind-muscle connection.  

    ✓ Dozens of New Workouts -  Can be used for a variety of new exercises such as: 

    • Mountain Climbers
    • L-Sits
    • Tricep Dips
    • Handstand Push-Ups
    • The Planche and much more!

       Recruit Stabilizing Muscles - These are responsible for holding your body upright. Strong stabilizing muscles mean having proper posture & alignment, which means decreased pain and risk of injury.  



      Strong & Durable -Our Guarantee

      Buy now and get a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! - Made of strong and durable ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic and made to withstand 300kgs. We don't believe you will, but if at any point you will have any quality issues with the set, we will replace it at no cost! 



      ✓ Colour Coded Muscle Match

      ✓ Heavy-duty board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize the upper body definition.

      ✓ Foldable and Portable

      ✓ Premium, Cushioning, Non-slip Handles. 

      Package Includes

       9 in 1 Ultimate Push Up Board

       2 Easy-Grip Handles

       1 Manual & Workout Plan

       1 Quality Bag So You Can Workout Anywhere!

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