Base Stimulator Replacement Gels (10 Pcs)

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Introducing the NextGen Base Stimulator Replacement Gels 10pcs 

✓ Composed of High-Grade Soft PU Material for Ultimate Comfort

Experience the supreme comfort of your skin nestled against our soft patch design. Crafted with High-Grade Soft PU Material, our patches ensure a seamless fit with your skin, making every therapy session an intimate and comfortable experience.

✓ Long-Lasting Service Life

Enjoy the prolonged lifespan of our replacement gels, designed to serve you for 20-30 applications. This longevity ensures you maximize your investment, enabling more frequent and effective therapy sessions.

✓ Superior Quality Gelatine Construction

Say goodbye to skin irritation! Our replacement gels are manufactured with high-quality gelatine, which enhances comfort and ensures no adverse reaction on your skin.

✓ Completely Odorless

We understand that unexpected smells can be a distraction. Therefore, our replacement gels are designed to be completely odourless, letting you focus on the therapy and not on unwanted odours.

What's in the Package?

✓ Small Gel Pads (10pcs)

Our pack ensures a one-time replacement for all gel pads on the NextGen™ Base Stimulator, providing the optimal mix for your needs.

Shipping Times

✓ Australia/New Zealand: 7-13 Days

✓ North America: 10-15 Days

✓ Europe: 10-15 Days

✓ Rest of the World: 7-20 Days

Note: Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, there might be slight delivery delays. We appreciate your understanding and patience during these challenging times. Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to get your replacement gels quickly.