Muscle Stimulator Base Kit

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Elevate your fitness game by burning up to 500 calories in just a 20-minute session!

Traditional Exercise vs. NMES

The NextGen Muscle Stimulator harnesses NMES technology to simulate authentic muscle contractions. Through impulses emitted from our specialized Gel Pads, see your muscle groups transform in mere weeks.


  • Versatile Modes: Choose from Fat Burning, Muscle Growth, or Body Shaping.
  • Intensity Levels: From Rehabilitation & Recovery to Strength & Explosiveness, pick your pace.
  • Comfort First: Our ergonomic PU Gel Pads ensure a snug fit, maximizing each training session.

Why NextGen Muscle Stimulator Stands Out:

  • Explosiveness: Boost your explosive strength and muscle hypertrophy.
  • Endurance: Enhance VO2 max and oxygen optimization.
  • Recovery: Improve blood flow, lactate breakdown, and overall rest.
  • Rehabilitation: Rejuvenate muscles faster than traditional exercises.
  • Optimized Nervous System: Activate on both spinal and cortical levels.

Real Results Speak Volumes:

In 89 rigorous studies by NMES expert Dr. Andre Filipovic, Ph.D., the NextGen Muscle Stimulator consistently showcased significant improvements in strength, speed, power, and athletic performance, irrespective of one's fitness level.

Secret Weapon of the Elites:

This isn't just a trend. NMES technology was trusted by NASA Astronauts, the US Olympic Team, and icons like Usain Bolt and Mike Tyson. The secret? NMES provides deeper muscle stimulation while ensuring joint protection.

Additional Points:

  • High-Quality PU Gelatine: Ensures precise impulse transmission.
  • Replaceable Gel Pads: Typically last 1-2 months depending on usage and individual factors.

Safety First:

Avoid using during driving or while handling heavy machinery. If muscles have been inactive for 6+ weeks, start slow.

Shipping Updates:

Please note potential slight delays due to COVID-19.

Our Promise:

Your satisfaction is our priority. If not content, expect a full refund. Any issues? A replacement is on us.